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We specialize in the design and implementation of databases, which implies a broad range of solutions and corollary services:

  • Preliminary-consultations with the customers.
  • Evaluation aimed at providing the customers with an estimate of time and cost necessary to implement a database.
  • Main task of Design and Creation of the databases according to the needs and specifications of the customers.
  • Administration, Management and Updating of databases.
  • Creation of prototypes for demonstration.
  • Support-service for the users to effectively operate the database after its installation.
  • Development of online databases, i.e. accessible by network or by Internet.
  • Dynamic website development, i.e. utilizing database, applications and graphic artwork components: with this aspect of our services and solutions, we help you put your business on the Web.
  • By extension, Software Programming as per order, i.e. according to the customer’s specifications and requirements, is another service that is more or less related to databases. So for automation purposes, indeed, most applications can be created in conjunction with databases.
  • Given that our services depend on the availability of computer equipment, we also supply computers at very competitive prices – up to 30% to 40% less than regular store prices [See Details Here].
  • CITP on a broader scale, as the names says, delivers Communication & Information Technology Products. One of them is a media – The Bharat Times Newspaper:
    And as a matter of fact CITP has now expanded its activities to Desktop Publishing services.