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Here are info / Internet links for some of our customers: – Development of the Website, including Database, server applications, graphics. – Website Development, including Applications and Graphic Design. - Bharat Times Newspaper – Website Development, Database, Server Applications, Graphics – Desktop Publishing i.e. Layout, Editing & Graphic Designing of the Bharat Times newspaper.

PC Help – Website design. - Canadian Career College – Website Development, Database, Application Form, Graphics. – Website Development, Applications, Graphics. (under construction) – Website Development, Database, Server Applications, Graphics. – Updating Website, Modifying Graphics, Adjusting Structure, Creating and Adding French version for All Pages. – Updating Website, Fixing Errors, Rearranging Layout. (not active) newspaper Layout, Editing, & Graphic Designing of AWAJ Newspaper

Pragati Newspaper – Layout, Editing & Graphic Designing. – Design of the Database, for online access.